Sunday, 4 September 2011

Would you like to be a millionaire?

I keep telling hubs that I'm gonna make us millionaires! How? I have ideas, not brilliant or even unique ideas but ideas all the same. "Just hurry up about it" pleads the hubby.
Idea No.1-Be the next J K Rowling, write a series of books for children that adults of a certain kind would read as well! I need an idea for the book tho, ummm, I better start thinking!(What about a boy called Barry Hotter that goes to a special school called Warthogs and he's taught magic and how to fly in a game called Baditch-I'm a genius)
Idea No.2-Sell my body, I don't mean prostitute myself, I'd be bankrupt v quickly! (I'd pay them not too) I mean to medical science, but thinking about that, they'd probably want me for free and dead!
Idea No3-I haven't got a third idea but I'm working on it!
I don't actually think I'll ever be wealthy, I'll never know what it's like to go to charity functions, or do lunch, or any of those other pastimes that rich people do!
Do I care? No(yes)of course not. I am rich in other ways. I have a hubby who totally loves me as much as I love him, the bestest son, supportive loving parents, great friends that I can rely on, a lovely home and plenty of food in the cupboards. Maybe if I was loaded my hubs would be an alcoholic, my son a drug addict, (I'd still have loving supportive parents)and friends that would only want me for my money!
I'm guessing being wealthy is hard work, and as a procrastinator that's not a good thing!
So, I think for the time being, I'll be satisfied with having "just enough".
I think just enough of everything is all we need to live a happy and contented life!
Isn't it?


  1. It's difficult not to love you, you have such an aura and bubbly attitude to life, despite what it seems to throw at you. You are a great person XX Fran XX

  2. What a lovely thing to say! Thank you! Xx

  3. I need the money to pay my medical bills :P

  4. I'd love to not live check to check but I have the important things in life. So, I may never know what it feels like to go on vacation, to see another country, to see the ocean, or to go to a super fancy art show (I'd love to do all that). I hope that some of those things will happen! If they don't though, I can deal with it. I do have other things though-like love, which I think is the most important thing ever. I love myself, my DH, and our fur babies kitties (they are our kids). I really love your blog. You are so positive and upbeat. :-)

  5. Thank you for your comments. It means a awful lot to me that you like my blogs. Blogging was something I started on a whim but can't believe how well they've been received! Hubs didn't know I had this "talent" (for want of a better word) but the thing is, neither did I ! And I love it! Xx