Monday, 12 September 2011

What's on your Bucket List?

We're never too young to have a bucket list, you know, the things you want to do before you kick the bucket!  My list is very long and I'm pleased to say some's been ticked off! 

I've visited Manhatten, waved to New York from the top of the Empire State, rode in a horse & carriage around Central Park, ( all on my 40th birthday) a big tick for that! Naked painting, tick! Rode pillion on a very fast motorbike, tick. 

Some of the items on my list are also on hubs too  (I've told Hubs that kissing a girl is not on my list)! For example, we want to drive around naked in a car, seeing a person (not young or elderly) walking along minding their own business, hubs would drive slowly at the side of them whilst I hit them with a big wet fish! (that sounded hilarious when we came up with the idea after seeing it on a TV advert, now it just sounds like we're a bit strange!).

A lot of the things we'd like to do is travel and see all the magnificent sites that the world has to offer (have any of you seen "An idiot abroad"- it's hilarious). 

When we pass over to the other side (I  mean die) I suppose what's important is what we've left behind, what family and friends think of us. I would of liked to have been famous for doing good things or inventing that product that would change our lives or for finding a cure for Aids or cancer but sadly I'm not that clever! I know  100 years after I've gone I will of been forgotten, as though I'd never existed.  That's sad but a fact of life, I'll just be a name on a family tree. So another newly added item to my bucket list is to leave something behind that I'll be remembered for, I better start thinking about that now, I'm only young (ish) but I think it may take a while!

 I need ideas about what to add to my list,  (I'm still not gonna kiss a girl!) not necessarily sensible(or even legal) but as I hope I've got plenty of years left I'll like to fill them with exciting, funny, strange, even bizarre experiences(I say that now but I might chicken out).  I suppose my list could go on forever as when we reach different ages we would maybe aspire to do or try new things. Hmmm!
So, what's on your bucket list?

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