Thursday, 8 September 2011

Could you be a housemate on Big Brother?

Could you imagine it? Being watched 24/7 by a tv audience, every move you make, word you spoke, fart you farted(by the way, I don't fart)nose being picked(I don't do that either)itch being scratched, everything being scrutinised by the public, and your mum, and your ex(he better not sell a kiss & tell) and your nana! The list goes on, all those people who you dont want to know your business(including that teacher who said you'd come to nothing, well look at me now, I'm on the telly). The thought makes me shudder!

You'd meet all your housemates, obviously there would be a mixed bag, all very different. I would be the slightly older posh girl, with good manners who everyone loves as she loves all of them, I'd happily to the lions share of the housework, complete all the tasks and make everybody laugh(yeah right)!

I don't think I could live with that amount of people, some would smell, some would try to belch tunes, some would scratch there nether regions and one would just stare at you with starey type of eyes wearing thick back eyeliner and black lipstick and calls himself "Death".

No, thinking about it I couldn't be a housemate apart from the fact that my son would disown me, I just couldn't do it. There are certain things I like to do privately, things I don't even do in front of hubby(I'm not going to say what cos then he'll know). I take my hat of to those who do though, they all think they're going to be famous forever though and I do feel for there parents. But as a people watcher, I'll love every minute watching the goings on in the house, who fancies who, who hates who and who's a gorgeous hunk!

In the UK we've just had the celebrity version and a traveller(gypsy)won it! Tomorrow it's the normal(I say loosely) Big Brother which I'll be glued too(sorry hubs). I'm looking forward to seeing who I'll totally detest and can moan about for the next few weeks until they get voted out(I don't waste my money voting), and when they're interviewed afterwards I realise they weren't that bad after all and wishes they could go back in the house(I'm never satisfied)!

So, even though I could never be a housemate(even though it'd make me probably the most famous of housemates in the history of BB)my life will definately revolve around it! Well, I am strange, sad, slightly weird and totally immature, surely you expect nothing other!

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