Monday, 26 September 2011

What shall I wear today?

"What shall I wear today" I ask myself, that daily question that's not always easy to answer. Today was easy as I wasn't intending leaving the house, jeans and a t-shirt will do. Yes, but which t-shirt? I have lots, all different colours. What colour do I "feel" today?( Well, I don't own a grey one). I think you should be able to wear different colour tops that have different mood meanings-:
Black- sexyish(never been worn)
Grey- moody, don't talk to me
Orange-a bit confident
Pink-attentive (rarely worn)
Purple-Pre-menstrual (wolflike)
Blue-I'm ok, but a bit tetchy
Green-inpatient, very impatient
Lilac- Get off,  I've got a headache
Multi-coloured-Beware, mood changeable 
The men would have to remember what colour meant what meaning, I think hubs would have to have a list on the fridge as he'd never remember!  Imagine though if your bloke was colour blind, and he thought you were wearing black (sexy) when in fact you'd worn the brown (angry) one! Whoops!
It's a good job I don't have an "occasion" to often, I own two dresses (that aren't too tight). I like wearing a dress but I'm not so good in high heels. I was in my younger days, but lately I've worn either pumps, training shoes, flip-flops or slippers, so when heels go on my confidence goes down as I imagine myself walking like a very drunk drag queen! (YOU'RE imagining me now aren't you, stop laughing)!
Men don't seem to have this problem with clothes though  do they? Why don't they? Is it because they don't care what they wear or maybe us ladies care too much? Are we trying to look for perfection or to look better than the other females? Our other half  just doesn't  understand, do they, I can't imagine why? So you've had to ask yourself "What shall I wear today"? (You actually said it out loud and your partner heard you and has done a runner)! It's Jeans and a t-shirt then! (Hmmm, what colour)?


  1. That is 100% true.. I go through the wardrobe and find something to wear. but then I dont 'feel' that colour working for me.. I will probably go through 3 or 4 outfits before settling for the first outfit i tried on... thats just staying in at home... can you imagine what its like when i plan to go out and meet you or others?? :S

  2. On days when I'm not at work in company issue uniform, what I wear usually depends on how FAT I feel when I wake up. On 'fat days' I would NEVER wear orange - otherwise I'd think people were looking at me like I was an escapee space hopper! On 'fit' days - out comes the sportsgear (black and slimming usually) and bike (usually) to go about the day's activities. For nights out - that little black dress, heels and lots of make up! H x

  3. Alibob, you often wear two t-shirts at once! How are the men folk supposed to work your mood out?!
    I realised I'd missed White of my list, so I thought about and struggled to come up with a meaning, and then it came to me,

    White- Confused!

    Helen, the LBD is a gift from god!

  4. To freaking cute! I dont own to many T-shirts...but from this here I think I am gonna go buy quite a few! I love it!

  5. Thanks Ms. Positivity! So what colour would you were today? I think I'll go for blue today! X