Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What shall I cook tonight?

"What shall I cook tonight" I ask hubs,( I don't know why I ask him as he always gives the same answer) he looks at me with a blank look on his face, he wasn't even listening! I repeat the question and he answers like I thought he would "don't mind", arghhh!

I take a look in the fridge then freezer (I'm bound to find something in there as it nearly full), I pull out every drawer, huffing and puffing, trying to make hard work of it, but there's nothing I see I fancy, so I throw myself back on the sofa, sighing so hubs takes notice. Plan didn't work, he's watching a war documentary on the History channel ( he changed channel whilst I had my head in the freezer-the cheek of it).
I tell hubs that I've no idea what to cook tonight, "we'll look later" is his response. Why can't I be more laid back like he is? I huff again!

I can't relax, this problem is a biggie and I need an answer so I text my friend and ask her what she's having for tea, I wait in anticipation for a reply, hoping she'll give me the inspiration I need, my phone chimes, I read the text "no idea "!
I gaze around the room, not sure why though, I'm hardly likely to find inspiration by looking at the mantelpiece, sideboard or curtains.

 So I head back to the kitchen, I'll make a cup of tea(that's the answer to everything). So I put the kettle on and gaze out the window, feeling very sorry for myself. 
Hubs had followed me in, he opens every door that has food behind it, including the stash cupboard (that's the cupboard we use to hide food from dearest son)," I don't know either" he says, (what blooming use was he?) I sigh some more. 
Nights like this are very frustrating, "how about a takeaway" hubs smiles, proud of himself as he's resolved the problem! Takeaway?
"I know" I squeal " I'll make a chicken curry" 
Problem solved, until tomorrow!


  1. Just about everything I eat has microwave directions.

  2. What would we do without our good old faithful microwave!

  3. If I cant find anything, then I'll have a huff and then go without... soooo much easier (in a sence...) however - feeling rather hungry now... :S

  4. Like this one - especially as I can really relate to the 'stash cupboard'. I thought I was the only one who had one of these. Feel much better already! Phew