Sunday, 25 September 2011

Should I go on a diet?

"Should I go in another diet?" I ask myself that on a regular basis but never do anything about it as I actually don't believe in dieting! 
For many years I had a go at it, not properly, but with my limited knowledge ,I gave up very quickly. Why was it as soon as Monday morning came round and I awoke with the best intentions but it all went wrong.  I had to many obstacles get in my way! For instance-

Hubs was on a day off and had to have a full English breakfast (all fried of course) and my bowl of 
Bran flakes didn't look very appetising! Diet over ! 

My favourite biscuits had been half price at the supermarket and it would be senseless not to buy any, promising myself I would only have one a day as a treat as long as I jogged a few laps around the garden to work it off.  This is what really happened- I didn't have just one, I actually ate half the pack with my "just one more won't hurt" attitude and running around my garden was out of the question as it was chucking down outside, monsoon style ( it was spitting with rain and I could've dodged the drops!) Diet over! 
I have a bowl of Bran Flakes, only eat half because I don't like them and because I'm still hungry I devour 4 slices of hot buttered toast! Diet over! 

I admit, I'm not the best dieter in the world. I find the D word makes me obsessed about food and I can't stay out the fridge. But I'm not that much overweight (UK12) and I understand there are those that follow diets successfully. I take my hat off to them because we all know being overweight is not the healthiest way to live, we're not stupid but there are also sometimes underlying issues, medical or psychological, I understand that too.
But I think that "they" think  we are stupid! So many guidelines, eat your 5 a day, fish twice a week etc etc!
How did they manage years ago before we were told what to eat, they survived!(But years ago, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC wasn't in every town!) 
I think we all know what's healthy and what's not. (Slimming clubs are helpful , we have the internet or your Dr could refer you to a dietician if necessary)  I try to follow an 80/20 rule 80% healthy 20% naughty  as after I  was properly following a diet plan and lost the weight and came of it I slowly regained the weight plus a bit more! (My fault) Where did our obsession with dieting come from anyway? (That's a whole other blog)
So should I go on another diet? Not on your Nelly! (Now, where did I hide that chocolate!)


  1. Another scenario! Someone's birthday at work and they bring in cake to share at tea break. Dilemma: Diet? Cake? -- Cake? Diet?. Diet over of course! Well there's ALWAYS the next day to start again!

  2. Well Helen, you could either-
    (a) Tell works mates that you not hungry and that you'll have it later, then wrap it up to take home then cut into 6 pieces , that way you've got cake to last nearly a week. Or
    (b) Eat the cake straight away, then wear a dustbin bag under your work clothes, work extra fast and hard during afternoon and then you can sweat of the calories!
    (c) Pack in the diet, lifes too short anyway!
    I hope that helps, love Chelle. Xxx

  3. Hee Hee!

    Maybe I'll 'alternate' between the three but I must admit c) looks more likely! lol H xx