Monday, 5 September 2011

How much do you like supermarket shopping?

I'm going to take a wild guess that the majority of you don't like supermarket shopping! I know that I'm odd, strange maybe, some say (in a polite manner) that I'm a bit quirky, I'm not really sure what they mean by that but I just smile anyway but I love supermarket shopping! It's makes me feel very grown up(I've even been known to put my best dress on for the occasion) I wander up and down the aisles, reading the back of the products checking the calories, fat, salt content etc feeling very proud (and slightly smug) that I've chosen the healthiest option. It's very important that hubs, son and myself eat fairly healthy, as I'm the main shopper and chef in our house I don't want to feel guilty if they have issues due to the food I buy, ( and i want to say right now that i dont call my husband "hubs" because it rhymes with tubs!!!!) it's a big responsibility you know! A grown up responsibility! Wherever I push my trolley (it hasn't got a wonky wheel, yay) the same couple are always in my way. They are looking at food labels as well, I say "excuse me please" as I reach for the (yummy) full fat milk, and the look of horror on their faces at me as they go for the skimmed milk makes me feel less of a grown up and totally inadequate so I quickly reach for the Soya milk, virtually fat free butter (?) and cottage cheese (vomit). I smile back at them feeling smug again (I also stick my tongue out at the perfectly behaved child that's with them when they're not looking). I totter of in my (too) high heels to the freezer dept leaving them with a crying infant! Singletons mill about at the frozen ready meals for one, the females obviously think this is a good place to find themselves a hunky single man to chat up but unfortunately for them its a ratio of 6-1, and that poor frightened looking young man senses what's occurring and grabs a sweet & sour chicken (for2) and makes a dash for the checkouts! Supermarkets are fun! Whichever aisle you walk down there are different personalities, different ages and different temperaments! I always feel sorry for the single mum with 4 kids all under 5 trying her best to get them to behave and the elderly lady whose obviously been widowed struggling to reach the top shelf. So next time you do your weekly/monthly shop, take a look around you. Give the single parent a smile, reach the top shelf for those who struggle to reach and if you're single, well hang about down the chilled aisles because there you get a better class of ready meal! You get me!

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