Wednesday, 21 September 2011

When do we turn into a grown-up?

Ok, so how DO we know when we become a fully fledged grown up? Is it when we reach 18?  In my case not (and probably all yours too), I worked full-time (one point for grownupness), but I went out every night, spent all my sort of hard earned money on alcohol, nearly always had an hangover and treated (mum and dads) home like a hotel.  Hmmm, that doesn't sound like I showed any sort of maturity at all now, does it?
Aged 21 I left home to move in with bloke, I felt more of a grown up then, even more so because bloke was so not.  At 22 I had my son, now I have to grow up a bit and be a mummy, just before son was one bloke left. So at 23 I moved house to somewhere bigger and better. I had a dining room, surely that makes me a grown up?
Life carries on, with and without grown up actions and before you know it you hit thirty. A very grown up and mature 30! So to celebrate, myself and a large group of friends went to see a male stripper and drank far too much sparkling wine! 
At 32 I meet hubs on another night out (I only partied once a month now) 
We still look back on that night and laugh as we were both very intoxicated. In time I make a grown up decision and son and I move into his house. Now I'm settled with my new family, definitely grown up. 
It became more apparent of how childish I could be  when we went to sons open evening at school. I chewed on chewing gum the whole time, well we wasn't allowed when I was at school. Then when we were sat opposite his form teacher listening in a mature manner to everything he said,  until teacher looked the other way, then me and son pulled faces at each other (hubs got mad with us, oops)!  My excuse, put me in a school again and I'm back to being fourteen and rebellious, I can't help it!
Hubs has always said that I'm the most immature person he's ever met. I hold that title with pride,  as I hit my  forties. I'm 42 now, which makes no sense to me at all! For example, we visited my sister in law the other day, she's just moved into a new home with her partner (he's called Charles and he's very posh), she showed me around with her daughter and hubs in tow. Her master bedroom is lovely with a beautiful view over the lake, boats sailing passed and the most gorgeous of homes on the opposite side. So what do I say?  " This is a good place to flash from"  I then lift my top up to show the neighbours and sailors my bra,  my niece (aged 20) couldn't believe what I'd done! Hubs laughed saying "I can't take you anywhere" and sister in law was in fits of laughter! 
So, when do we turn into a grown-up? Seriously, as I have no idea!


  1. All the little things that happen in life make us a bit more grown up, especially when we have to take responsibility for our actions but the truth is, I don' think we ever really grow up. There will always be times when we resort to being silly and kid-like.

    Fran XX

  2. I certainly don't feel like a grown up. I don't look like one either. I get mistaken for much younger than I really am. I tend to befriend people that are younger too. I think that says something. My body feels old but the rest of me is ok.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out what I "want to be when I grow up". So I'm not sure that I qualify as a full-fledged adult myself yet. Even though I have a kid, I'm still referred to as one by most of my family. I'm embracing the youthfulness and enjoying it as long as I can, glad to come across another like-minded lady!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  4. My husband says I'm the eternal teeny-bopper and a friend once pointed out that I'm just one really big kid! I take both as a complement since I'm nearly 40. Hmmmm...I don't know if it counts as being a grown-up or not, but I find it pretty sad that I get terribly excited about shopping for new appliances and Mommy Mobiles.

    Visiting from #commenthour.

  5. This is great! I am 28 and feel far from grown up! Glad to see that even into your 40's its not the end of the world to have fun and not grow up!

  6. I am a married 23 year old and sometimes I feel like a baby! Hubby is 28 so he makes me feel even younger! #commenthour

  7. Thanks for all your posts ladies, it's good to hear from you all. I'm so pleased that you can relate to this subject, and I'm hoping this state of mind carries on into our fifties, sixties and beyond. So here's too us and long may it continue. X

  8. Never grow up!!! life is so serious when we do 'grow up'... its fun and exciting to act a fool sometimes.. carry on with childish grin.. :)