Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Will you hit the bottle?

The Sun Newspaper (UK) has an article today, " Stress really does make your hair turn grey, boffins have confirmed ". Oh my god, I thought. All the illnesses and diseases that have reared their ugly heads (!) and do not doubt countless hours work and obviously it cost money (who paid)to find out that you turn grey with stress!
So how many of us could of told them that and saved them all that money and time.
Good old George Clooney, gorgeous though he is (and he knows it), he's grey! Who cares? Do you or I? Well, I don't really give two hoots what colour hair he's got. I wonder if Georgie (my pet name for him) really cares! I doubt it, I imagine he's over the initial shock of finding the odd stray grey! He's grown older gracefully, (I'll tell you right now, I won't be) shown his maturity and I for one salute him for that! (just a thought-do you think he dyed it grey-no, that's just silly!!) I couldn't imagine The Cloon laying awake at night stressing that he'll have less fans than that Brad (swoon) Pitt guy because of having more grey
Our changing hair colour is something the majority of us have to face. I'm going grey, and I should be proud of each grey strand. I've blooming earnt them! Men, they say, look more distinguished and women, well we can dye it!! (if you ladies want to embrace it then you jolly well can). But me, well, I'm gonna hit the bottle!

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