Saturday, 20 August 2011

What do you do on a Saturday?

So, what do people do on a Saturday? When I was a young, (I still am) it was shopping in the morning, first into the city, we always went to the same shops (I’m surprised the old men with dirty hair and clothes with a tin of cheap strong lager in there hands didn’t recognise us) at what seemed like exactly the same time each week. I spent most of the morning deciding which can of pop to choose from Littlewoods foodhall , (I always felt like one of those old men if I chose the shandy) it always ended either Vimto or Tizer! I still hate making decisions (I’ve just realised that’s where my loathing of decision making comes from). Next, it was onto the fish and chip shop, we’d take them back to the car where my clever mother had packed a bag of salt, vinegar, sauces and bread & butter. I had to share whatever my mum was having, which I thought at the time was totally unfair but now I realise it would of taken too long for me to decide what to have to eat! Sneaky parents!
After the picnic(well, that’s what I used to call it) it was onto the supermarket, where, if I was a good girl I could choose a comic ( oh my god, more decisions)! What seemed like an eternity ( probably an hour) we finally went home! Hurrah! (I can’t drink anymore of my Tizer though, I wished I’d got Vimto)

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