Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why do we holiday?

Why oh why oh why do we spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds/euros/dollars for a holiday? Those 2 weeks away, sometime 1 week or maybe just a sneaky weekend mean such a lot to us. Then the questions start. What will I wear to travel in? Will it be scorching hot when I get off the plane? Which shoes? Jewellrey? Which factor sun protection should I take? How many pair of pants? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma! Then theres the travel insurance, airport parking ( or do you think someone will give us a lift to the airport)? Oh god, I haven’t got hubby any trunks. I better go shopping!
But first, I better book the holiday, online of course! Where to? “I know, let’s go to the same place as last year, that’s easier”, Book flights, “nearest airport” hubby says “seeing as I’ll be driving” I try to explain if we go to that airport that’s 40 miles further we’ll save £3.59, bargain! But no, he’s arguing now ( he’s the one that likes to save money) so I give in (as usual)!
Destination, sorted. Airport, sorted (I won the argument about having a meal on the plane, ha). “Ok” I say, “I’ll do the preparation shopping” (including embarrassing teeny tiny trunks)!
Yeah! Party time, it’s sorted! “What” I screech “bloody WHAT” “I forgot what!” Oh my god, off to the post office now to change the money from pounds to euros!
Is that it? Am I sure? Not sleeping now, worrying about what I’ll forget! Exhausted, totally exhausted, I’m so exhausted I can’t speak or walk or sleep. I’ve even forgotten my name.
It’s ok though, because tomorrow we’re going on holiday!
Thank goodness, I need one!
“Pardon me? Run that by me again”
“The airlines gone what? BUST? NOOOOO!

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