Sunday, 21 August 2011

Insomnia, what's that all about?

Have a hot bath,(that just makes me sweat)hot milk, cool bedroom, or try reading. Many of the ideas I've given to insomniacs, they must be doing something wrong. It's not natural to have a busy day, go to bed exhausted to suddenly feel wide awake! Just put your head on your memory foam pillow (my advice again), close your eyes and you WILL go to sleep. It's easy for goodness sake, it's all in your head!
Ummm ok ok I was wrong, I'll admit it, I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I'm big enough to admit I was wrong. Wrong like Mr wrong on national wrong day in Wrongsville! How do I know that? Because I'm an insomniac, yes, my names Michelle and I can't sleep at night! I know, I know, I had all the answers! Well, I thought I did and you know what thought did, (yeah, couldn't sleep because they were too busy thinking).
So I lay awake for hours, I've given up on the useless advice that I thought was pure genius. I now know that just putting your head on your pillow, (whichever type of pillow, cos it doesn't matter)isn't enough!
Insomnia is real, it's tough to live with but you live in hope that you'll just "get over it"
So next time someone tells you that they're having trouble sleeping, just listen to what they have to say, without trying to give advice when you don't really know anything about it.
Hot milk? Shuff it where the sun don't shine!!!


  1. I love your conversational way of writing, so witty. The subjects are right up my street too. I have trouble sleeping due to my Fibromyalgia, I can be so tired that I want to cry but I go to bed and I can't sleep and of course the more I want to sleep the less I am able to sleep - figure that out! Keep blogging Michelle, it's great! Dee

  2. The best thing I've found for my insomnia is my muscle relaxer my rhemotologist gives me for my fibromyalgia. I've tried just about every sleeping pill known to man and they didn't work. My muscle relaxer helps my fibro a lot, too.

  3. Hello so I was at your old blog hahhah typical of me and I never even noticed the dates or anything. I really like your writing style and will visit again and again.
    As for not being able to sleep well I suffer from that too and the most important bit of advice I can offer is to 'go with it'. The minute you start fussing in your head about not sleeping the further away sleep will be. Usually you can tell if it is just one of those nights when you truly will not sleep in which case get up and do something. It's usually when I clean out the fridge or something boring like that. Some nights though you know if you could just get through the 'magical curtain' you would sleep like a log. Those are the nights when I put an audio book on quietly by the bed. Not music just someone reading to you. Have the volume very low so you are not really hearing the words just the gentle sound of someone talking. Snuggle down, close your eyes and let your brain listen to that instead of 'buzz-buzz think-think' and I promise you, next thing you know it will be morning.

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