Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can I still date the husband?

I should be excited,  have butterflies in my tummy,  thinking of nothing else but, ( don’t be silly) its a date with hubby!  We’re going out for a meal and a few drinks (well, it saves me from cooking).  Its time to get ready, so what do I wear?  I dont need to impress, (its only hubby after all) I’ll have a bath first, relax in the bubbles!  Oh no, no bubble bath/shower gel left, never mind, I’ll use washing up liquid   instead!                                                                                                                                         

As I lay in the bath my mind starts to wander and questions come to mind.  Why aren’t I excited?  Why don’t I want to wow him with a killer outfit?  Where has the “woman” in me gone?  Is he not the most important man in my life?  Of course he is, damn it!   ”Right hubby”, you ain’t gonna know whats hit you!

I am now a woman on a mission, relaxing time over, its time to get to work.  “Where’s my razor?”  ” Where’s my tweezers?” “Wheres my nice smelling moisteriser?”   “Where’s my best pants?”  By the time I’m finished he won’t know what hit him.  I don’t want to turn into someone that doesn’t care, thats not who hubs married.  Would I want him to let himself go, and not make an effort for me, of course not. 

This date is as important as our first date (all them years ago) as, lets face it, he is the love of my life!

NB Date a success apart from my irratable bowel syndrome played up and I was in bed (alone) at 10pm.

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