Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why do we worry so much?

I can lay awake for hours, just worrying. Why? I ask myself do I worry so much? Is it because I was born a worrier, or is it because it runs in the family (please let me blame my mum). For whatever the reason may be, it's the one part of me that I'd like to change (as well as my nail biting habit)(oh, and the way I always get hiccups when I'm eating in a restaurant) (blooming Nora, I wish I'd not started this as the list is endless). Where was I? That's right I was worrying!
Worrying doesn't mean problem solving and it certainly doesn't mean brushing it under the carpet. No, I have to think about it, over and over again. Maybe I think I'll have a lightbulb moment and know exactly what to do to sort out the said predicament. But I just let it, that's right I allow it to consume me until I realise that my eyebrows have nearly met in the middle and my jaw is so tight it's beginning to ache!
Worrying is painful, physically and mentally. It's not nice, and there's nothing to gain from it apart from frown lines (and that's something else to worry about).
But where is it getting me? No where, that's where, apart from the shops for a hair dye because even more grey is shining through!
Worrying isn't getting me anywhere, is it? No it flipping well not! So my new resolution (even though it's not new year)is to stop worrying!
That's right, decision made, no more wring, and do you want to know why? It's because I'm going to trust fate. It's done a good job for me so far. What's going to happen will happen, it doesn't matter how much I worry. So, I'm not going to take responsibility for certain issues, the only thing I can do is leave it to fate. Things always seem to work out fine in the end as I suppose everything happens for a reason!
I'm free, liberated! I'm a worry-free zone! It feels very good as well.
However long it lasts!

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  1. My mom used to say I was a bigger worrier than any adult I knew when I was 7. It just got worse! lol So I understand you!