Sunday, 2 October 2011

How do we deal with bullies?

How would you deal with bullies? Harshly no doubt. Ive never been bullied, should I count myself lucky? Are those that get bullied, unlucky?
Surely it shouldn't be down to lady luck, it's not like winning the lottery is it! So, what is it down too, its certainly not the fault of the person being bullied. So it's  the bullies fault , right?
I think there's more to it than that, I mean, what turns an innocent child into a bully who terrorises those who aren't as strong, emotionally and physically.  Could it be the parents "bullying" their children? Teaching them negative behaviour? If not the mimicking of the parents, then what?  Maybe some of the bullies were once the victims themselves and was"picked on" by their peers?
We have to understand it to try put a stop to it, though sadly, I don't think it'll ever be totally wiped out. Though, there are schools that have zero tolerance, and rightly so.  
Should we be teaching pupils in the first two years of schooling about the effects it causes to their school friends?  How those guilty of bullying will find themselves excluded from school and possibly ruining their chances of their chosen career.
Something has to be done to protect those that suffer dreadfully at the hands of a bully, whether at school or in the workplace.  It's a difficult one!
So, how would you deal with bullies?


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  2. There's a different take on bullying, wherein it is considered that bullies "are more of the victims themselves." I can understand this, because as a kid, I was in a gang of rowdy kids who liked to pick on the little guys. I've learned my lesson now though, and since then I have grown to be more considerate of people.