Friday, 14 October 2011

Jack Marshall-we've been touched by an angel.

Jack Marshall, we've been touched by an angel.
 That's how I feel, when I first started following Jack I couldn't of imagined for one minute how that" lil man" would effect me, as well as thousands of others. Jack filled me with so much emotion I wrote my first poem about him. I took a screenshot of many of his photographs to show my family and friends whilst I raved about what a brave and inspirational young man he was. 
I'm full of  gratitude and admiration for Jacks family for sharing him with the world through Twitter. He had a massive following of over eighty-five thousand. "#Jacksarmy" as we became known are all now aware now that Brain Tumours KILL more children & adults(under 40)than ANY other cancer. I didn't know that before.  
No words can express my deep condolences to his family. As a mum myself I can't begin to imagine what Tracy, his mum,is going through. But I'm sure through her grief she feels immense pride for both her sons.  I also hope she realises how Jacks Army has united together to send her, Jacks dad , brother and family so much love. 
Jack Marshall changed our world, we've been touched my an angel.  

Update 12 December 2011
I've decided to post the poem. It certainly wouldn't win any prizes but I wrote if from the heart. So for the sake of losing my first very amateur attempt here it is-

Soon we'll have to say our goodbyes
For now at least
Tears will flow
When you have to go
You're much to young to live this life
Cruel and painful, hurt and strife
We've gained so much
While you've pained so much

The love from you, to you
All consuming but I crave more 
More smiles, more words
Your hand on mine
Keep it there forever
Until the end of time
I can't say goodbye
Im thinking it 
As I can't speak 
You'd hear my cries.

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