Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What do you think it'd be like to be a man?

What do you think it'd be like to be a man?  Once again, a tricky one as I don't want to come across as anti-feminist. I suppose I'm just an old fashioned girly girl, and am definitely pro-women. I fly the flag for sisterhood!
  I've often thought about what it'd be like to be male (I know, I think weird things sometimes).  The positive things about being a man is ... ermm, let me think, oh yes, I wouldn't struggle to open a bottle of ketchup! Also, ermmmmm, I can't think of anymore of the top of my head at the moment, I'll come back to the positives, but now for the negatives-
•The man has to remove the spiders, without killing them if course. 
•The man fetches the ice-creams whilst the ladies laze in the sun. 
•The man is the one that collects the take-aways. 
•Men as a rule can't multi-task
•I'd hate having all that body hair (especially the mass of underarm hair & furry legs)
•Having to understand us women (I don't know about you but I can, on occasion, be high maintenance)
•I expect hubs to know how to tackle any DIY task. 
•I expect men to like blokey drinks like ale, beer and lager, pints of course. (When I prefer sipping at fancy cocktails, the night I met hubs I had a Screaming Orgasm, the cocktail, naughty)
•I'm not embarrassed to cry at a movie. 
•I'd hate to have "mens parts" dangling between my legs whereas the female form is much more attractive (normally)
I think the negative list to go on forever, though it I had been born a man I'd no doubt have a long list of womanly negatives. I was also supposed to be going back to manly positives but I'm afraid after an overnight thinking session I couldn't come up with any. I look forward to any suggestions dear reader!
So, what do you think it'd be like to be a man?


  1. Depends on the circumstances of the man. If you're a single man and 'put it about a bit' - you're classed as a bit of the jack the lad and envied but your mates. Generally if you do the same thing as a woman you're classed as a TART and frowned upon by everyone.

    If you're a 21 year old 'man' still living at home with parent(s) - you probably somehow manage to get away with being a RIGHT LAZY SOD (Nathan - hope you're reading this!!). Oh how I'D love to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all day - then go for a rest afterwards! Basically I'M TOO SOFT ON this one - but that's a whole different story!!!!!

  2. I definitely think it'd be easier to be a man physically. That's coming from someone who's 8 1/2 months pregnant and dreading L&D ;) No periods, menopause, saggy boobs - I think I'd trade those things for a simple prostate exam any day!

  3. Interesting comments ladies!
    @Helen, I'm the same with my son (that gives me an idea for a future blog)!
    @Lindsay, I know us females have a rough ride really but at least it gives us something to moan about whereas men just moan for the sake of it!!
    @Hubs, I know you dont moan but you are the exception, you just chunter! (Love you)!