Sunday, 4 December 2011

Who will you upset this Xmas?

Who will you upset this Xmas?  Hubs and I always stress at Xmas. Doesn't everybody? It's all about making decisions. This year stuff the turkey, no seriously, stuff the turkey we're going to have a leg of lamb instead!
Deciding on what gifts to buy who, trying to remember who gave you what as a present last year, well you can't give them it back this year can you, can you? No? Oh ok then, I suppose I like magnolia bath cubes anyway. 
When you've decided on what you want to buy, you've then got to go out and buy it. I don't think there is a Poundland online is there? So I better fight the crowds.
I am not miserable about Xmas, off course I'm not but this year I don't have the energy, the motivation or the money. I've spent all our money on wine and raspberry vodka and honey rum and spiced rum and whiskey , oh and a sneaky bottle of port, three different shot style drinks (to warm your cockles on a cold day) and not forgetting four bottles of mulled wine! It's not all for hubs and I off course, heavens no, it's to offer to any guests that may call in over the holiday period. Yes it is, not that we get that many visitors but it's nice to offer them a choice, though most of our friends just drink beer. 
Note to self-must buy lots of beer.
This year we made it clear that we wanted a quiet Xmas on our own, in our own home, maybe we came across a bit mean when we told the relatives that this year we had ordered a leg of lamb that serves just three people, (myself, hubs and son) the butcher couldn't get a bigger one, honestly, hmmmm!
I'd like to put my Xmas tree up in the next few days but hubs hasn't been in the loft to get the box out yet, I look forward to just seeing the box, every year when we pack the decorations away we write a message each on it and we spend a few minutes looking back at ten years of messages. It's funny and romantic!
So far I haven't upset too many people, only about seven, and it won't be my fault that everybody doesn't want socks and that my mother in law is a smaller size than I realised, I thought the cardigan looked small for its size. Seven's not bad to upset (so far) my record is seventeen but that's another story!

So, who will you upset this Xmas?


  1. The only thing I can say to this is............ I shall be over for a visit and look forward to one of you lovely tipples x Frances x

  2. Your on! We'll get that arranged for sure, but to warn you, I didn't list every bottle I purchased! Xx

  3. Hmmm are you expecting me to sample a bit of everything then haha. F x

  4. Alex calls me his Super Happy Fun Mummy when I have had a couple of drinks xx

  5. It's nearly Xmas so sampling each one is mandatory! X