Saturday, 10 December 2011

"Who are you"?

Who are you? I often wonder who reads my blog, who you are and what sort of life do you lead?  I'm a deep thinker and I think about YOU! Where are you now? At home on your laptop or on your mobile/cell phone? What country are you in? What's your story?

I'm a people watcher, I could be anywhere and I bring people to life by giving them a story. 
Sitting in a cafe there's an eclectic mix, an elderly couple resting there legs, two girls having a gossip, a student reading a book and a mother trying to amuse her daughter. 

Firstly the retired couple, I decide that they've been married for over fifty years, he was a teacher and she worked in their village post office and have one daughter who lives in a different city. They live in a bungalow, that's always spotlessly clean, the well dressed lady enjoys baking and making jams and chutneys which she sells for charity. The gent loves being outdoors, tending to his garden and has a bird table that he keeps full of mealworm, seeds and hangs fat balls of the side then sits in his conservatory reading his newspaper and watching the birds and squirrels. 
The two girls, the story i give them is, they're at college and still live at home with mum and dad  I've named them dumb and dumber, and they was talking loud enough for me to hear them. Dumb was talking about a boy she was going on a blind date with saying, "I don't know what he looks like apart from he's six foot tall, blonde hair and resembles Brad Pitt" 
Dumber says, quite innocently, "he might be Brad Pitt, you never know"
They both to clap, you know, that little clap that only excited females do, Dumb replies "I don't think so, he's with Angelina Jobie, isn't he?
"It's Jolie", Dumber (the cleverer one) says in a serious tone. 
"Who's Jolly"
"Her name is Angelina JOLIE"
They look at each other and giggle. 
Oh dear, I hope the Brad Pitt lookalike doesn't go for the intelligent type!
My attention turns to the student, a good looking boy, maybe aged about twenty,fair hair but a stylish dresser, I'm guessing mummy and daddy are well off and live in a house with eight bedrooms, they dress for dinner and father and son often wear dicky bows. The student looked at me looking at him so I quickly divert my eyes!
The youngster was sat with a colouring book and crayons that her mum had taken out her bag, choosing the red crayon she was lost in her own little world, just her and her imagination. 
Meanwhile, the woman with her, who I assumed to be her mum, pulled her phone out, that had been in her jeans pocket, and unlocked the screen. She had a look of distress on her face, rubbing her forehead and putting a lock of hair behind her ear. I watched her dial a number and couldn't help but overhear parts of the conversation. 
"Hi Michael it's me" she paused for a second, "no, I'm not ok, it's the funeral tomorrow, at two o'clock" a tear rolled down her troubled face, she carried on "I'm in the coffee shop, I thought I'd bring Hannah just to get us out the house for an hour, the detective came round this morning to tell me he'd be at the funeral too, thats lovely of him isn't it? I wish you could be there but for obvious reasons you're not" she chuckled a little. 
So I decided that she was talking to her lover on the phone, her husband had been murdered and the police suspect her, that's why they're going to the funeral not just to be 'lovely'!
I glance over at the student, he's looking intently at the (widow) woman chatting on her phone, he was people watching too! I wonder what life he gave me?

Have you ever thought who I am?
Have you given me a 'story'?
So, my dear readers, I'll still wondering, who are you?

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  1. I love this post...Can I give a pretend version of me? I'm a writer, a bestselling novelist, who lives on the shore line in New England. I can watch the waves come in, crashing on the rocks, and draw inspiration. That's my dream, anyway. :-)