Thursday, 15 December 2011

What's your guilty pleasure?

What's your guilty pleasure? Would you admit what it was, or is it naughtier to keep it a secret? If it gives us pleasure then why must we feel guilty? Is it because it's bad for us, is it embarrassing or do we enjoy it more because we keep it a secret?
Well readers, I'm going to tell you my guilty pleasures (and it's not watching the X Factor, I can promise you that) and then it'll be our secret and will bond us forever! 
Are you ready? Are you sure? Then here goes,
(1) I buy the yummiest of chocolate doughnuts that money can buy (that's in my local supermarket anyway) I don't share them, I freeze them and when hubs is on a nightshift, I take one out of the freezer and wait patiently for it to defrost. When it's defrosted I slowly nibble around the edge until I get to the gooey bit in the middle, then comes the best bit. I turn down the volume on my TV, pop it in my mouth, letting my taste buds do there thing then I  chew then swallow it. 

(2) I like putting brown (HP) sauce on my crisps (USA -chips). Pouring a dollop in the bag, giving it a good shake, and tucking in. The first time hubs witnessed me doing this he looked at me with such horror on his face and shrieked "urgh minging". I was surprised by his reaction, to say the least, as I thought everyone did it!  He never got over what I did and horror of horrors it got worse. My best friend came round one evening, we were just chatting and watching the soaps, when I asked if she was peckish she said she was so I brought three bags of ready salted crisps through from the kitchen. 
"Oh lovely" (I bet you know what's coming next) Emma said " have you got any brown sauce"?
I squealed and punched the air, hubs was lost for words, and that doesn't happen very often I can assure you!

(3) If there's ever any gravy left after a roast dinner, and in the privacy of my own kitchen, I drink it straight out of the jug! Well, I hate wasting food (that's my excuse and I'm going to stick to it)!

(4) I love ice lollies, (especially the orange flavour ones shaped like a pyramid that you buy not frozen called Jubleys). When I reach the checkouts, I say to hubs in a loud voice for all to hear,
"I've got some lollies for the kids" 
Hubs just looks at me and slowly shakes his head as if I've totally lost the plot!

(5) When I was a child and I used to help(probably hinder) my mum when she was baking. I'd stir the mixture pretending I was a tv chef. I still do!

Well, there you go, that's some of my guilty pleasures (not surprisingly all food related).
 Were you expecting naughty (over eighteen style) ones. Be honest, you were weren't you, you saucy lot!

Now you know some of mine, it begs the question, 
What's your guilty pleasure?


  1. I have about four boxes of jubblys in my freezer lol. I think they are hidden by the most enormous turkey at the moment lol x

    Which supermarket do you get the doughnuts from? Is it T, A, M, S?

    Frances XX

  2. Sainsburys , you get them from the bakery, it's buy 2 & get 3rd free!
    What's your guilty pleasure?
    Ps Jubleys Rule! I've cut down to 2 a day! (They have to be orange flavoured)!

  3. Helen (ex colleague)15 December 2011 at 13:03

    Chelle - you've made my day about the crisps thing. With me its mayonnaise on crisps instead of brown sauce! Occasionally, its grated cheese AND peanuts (no mayonnaise) with the crisps. Pack all in the bag, shake it all together, then eat. When you get to the bottom of the pack - if there's any cheese left - just 'squish' the pack so the cheese picks up all the salty crumbs and peanut bits left over. LOVELY!

  4. Wow Helen, I can't wait to tell hubs that one! It's surprising how we can tart up a bag of boring old ready salted crisps, but I have to say your version is a new one on me!

    Merry Xmas
    Chelle. Xx