Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What would be your perfect daily journal entry?

What would be your perfect daily journal entry? Mine would go a bit like this-

Dear Kitty(my journals name, if it's good enough for Anne Frank then it's good enough for me)

I was woken early this morning by my phone ringing, the caller ID lit up with the name "Michael Bublè", "oh what does he want" I mumbled? I answered with a sleepy "hi Boob, what's up"? He wanted to run a new song he'd just wrote by me. After he'd sang it I gave him an 8 out of 10 and said my goodbyes rather hastily, he tends to go on a bit!
As I snuggle back down to sleep a text comes through from Will (Prince William) inviting me to his Grandmothers house for afternoon tea. I reply with the normal response of "which house"(?), as he always forgets to be specific, the answer I get back is "Buckingham Palace"

I tell him I'm pleased about that because I fancied a bit of shopping in Harrods(my son will only eat their brand of peanut butter) & Harvey Nicks, I'll probably hit Oxford Street as well. William asks if Catherine (his Mrs) could come with me, she's a good laugh so I told him she could.
I woke up hubs and congratulated him as he'd not snored or fidgeted constantly like he normally does!
After showering and a breakfast of Eggs Benedict, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee, still in my bathrobe, my beauty therapist arrived to give me a full body massage before jumping into the jacuzzi. After my pampering session, I went into my walk in wardrobe and grab the first outfit I see, my hair had dried naturally and my make up took seconds to apply.
"You look totally gorgeous" hubs complimented, "you don't look so bad yourself" I told him. (We are the mutual appreciation society)
My son drove us the short distance to our smallish aircraft where our pilot was waiting (nice bloke called John Travolta).

We arrived in London half an hour later, the car was waiting, and we were soon in the big city
I met up with Catherine, and we shopped till we dropped (I didn't know she liked shopping at Primark). We did have a slight argument though, I wanted a KFC but she wanted a chicken nugget happy meal from McDonalds. Catherine won though because her bodyguard wanted a Big Mac (I joked with him saying that I thought he was "coming out" and wanted an overweight Scottish man as his boyfriend)

After the retail therapy it was time to pop in and see the queen. We were a little early and she was vacuuming the west wing, Catherine made her jump as Elizabeth was grooving away, whilst listening to her iPod, singing "Radio Gaga". The queens maid brought us some tea and battenburg cake as we sat down for a good old gossip. I had to laugh when Lilabeth (that's what I call her) was telling us a story about herself and Prince Phillip. The previous day they'd been dining with some dignitaries from Japan when Phillip started singing that 80's hit "turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, one really thinks so"! Oh Phillip, another gaffe!
In the evening we dined at The Savoy, lots of friends had joined us, then onto the West End to watch "Wicked"
 Ricky Whittle tagged along as he has a huge crush on me!

JT flew us home after that tiring day and we were snuggled in bed by midnight.


So, what would be your perfect daily journal entry?


  1. I'll leave it to your imagination as to who I was snuggled in bed with, hubs, JT or the delicious Ricky Whittle!

  2. OMG Chelle, that is so funny. Your best blog yet. Keep up the good work. It made me laugh which is hard at the moment. Fran XX

  3. I'll visit you when I'm back off my holiday. Take care F love M.

  4. I love it! You're so funny. :-) My perfect day would be going to an awesome museum, followed by snuggling with blankets and hot chocolate by the fireplace with DH and the kitties. Unfortunately we don't have a fireplace. :-( lol

  5. Dear Diary

    Today my lottery numbers came up and I'm soon to be a multi-millionaire. Even better - my winnings are to be delivered by HELICOPTER!

    Watch this space.....

    A WEEK LATER .....

    Dear Diary

    Money safely in my bank! The helicopter pilot fell in love with me instantly and is going to fly me away to a whole new life of .... whatever we want to do, wherever and whenever we want! BLISS.

    A MONTH later -

    ALL my FAMILY, FRIENDS and FAVOURITE CHARITIES well looked after, richer and happy!

    And anyone who's ever been horrible, a bully or nasty to me - WATCH OUT - A hitman's on his way!!!

  6. I like it Helen! Is this my ex collegue? I worked with a Helen that was Helicopter mad!!

  7. That's me! Love the blogs - keep them coming!

    Take care everyone!!

    Love Hxx

  8. Fantastic! I'm pleased you enjoying them!
    Lots of love to you, xx