Saturday, 19 November 2011

Have you or would you ever sunbathe topless?

 Have you or would you ever sunbathe topless? I hadn't until last week but something came over me and I decided to see if I was brave enough to give it a go! Up until this moment I'd rather of bungee jumped over a river of snapping crocodiles! Even the thought of it would bring on an anxiety dream, you know the one where you're in a football stadium and you find yourself agreeing to streak for charity and when the crowd start laughing hysterically you realise it's at you and your wobbly bits, and it's live on tv! (no?just me then) But everyone was doing it, mostly the older generation! (oh heck. I hope I'm not perceived as being one of the older generation, I'm only 43)!

I'm trying not to stare at the other topless bathers or even look there way, it's enough to put you off your cheese & ham bun!  I don't know any elderly women who would go topless on a beach, mind you thinking about it, I don't know that many over 65's really well, only my mum, mum in law, my nanna and Gran the rest are old neighbours or the ladies i met when i visited my gran in an old folks home. 

My mum certainly wouldn't go topless, eewww, the thought makes me shudder, mother in law wouldn't even wear a bikini, my nanna, well, nanna's 94 years young and refused to even watch Baywatch, so we can safely say that a topless nanna would never, ever happen! Gran has passed away now, aged 92, she was a really good laugh, in fact we were always  giggling at something. She married her 2nd husband,Ted, when she was 74, he also lived in the old folks home where she did. The story was even on the local news. My dad and her other 4 sons all chipped in and bought them a double bed (double eewww) as a wedding present! 

I've realised something, I worked out why people read a book whilst they sunbathe, it's obvious, it's too give themselves a distraction! It's not a pretty sight but I start to have some respect for the old dears. They're fully aware how they look but they just don't care what other people think, fair play to them. We all gain confidence with age and going without your bikini top is the ultimate show of confidence. 

So, now I'm thinking to myself, if they can do it then so can I, but I daren't. Hubs is swimming in the sea so I supposed this was the opportune moment. 
"Go for it Chelle" I thought
So first I lay on my front and untie the back of my bikini, then I turn over, convinced I'm being looked at (well why wouldn't they I'm gorgeous!) I slightly open one eye as I gaze around, no one is watching. "relax" I think to myself. After a few minutes I felt fine, in fact I felt confident & liberated, feeling a breeze on my skin where I'd never felt a breeze before (though I was a bit concerned about sunburn), when all of a sudden I hear a camera shutter click clicking right in front of me! Oh my god, I thought, someone's taking my photograph, (I thought it. might be the paparazzi thinking I was a celebrity) I opened my eyes and let out a little gasp as I see this six foot male, with his back to me wearing tiny trunks, (yuck) taking photographs of his family! I chuckled to myself a bit, not much, just a bit!
Another ten minutes had passed and hubs had finished his swim. I must of sensed him coming towards me as I opened one eye  

to see him walking towards me in the style of James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Casino Royale (well, the sun was shining right in my eyes so I had to squint a bit).
"I'm not going to mention that you're topless, I'm just gonna say "well done" hubs said. 

I felt a bit exposed to start with but as the days rolled on I became more and more confident, I even sat up to read an English newspaper  (The Sun-how ironic). There was no school age children, older teenagers or even twenty something's in the vicinity of where we lazed on the beach. I think then the top would of stayed on!

So, have you or would you ever sunbathe topless?

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  1. Strange how nobody dared to post on this one Chelle ;) F x