Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Have you ever had a visit from the police?

Have you ever had a visit from the police? Well, I blooming have! It all happened last night and I've never felt so frightened in my life. Let me set the scene. It was midnight, hubs was working a nightshift and I was tucked up in bed. I wasn't asleep as my neighbours, who like night time activities (see previous blog), was being rather vocal! As you can imagine I couldn't listen to that so I turned up the television extra loud. I was hoping they'd hear it and realise why the volume was so high. After a few minutes I was back to silence. "Bliss" I thought and snuggled down to sleep. Then all of a sudden I heard tapping at my front door. I lay there not moving a muscle. "Oh my gosh, it's my neighbour coming to complain about my noisy tv" I thought. I was panic stricken. I wasn't going to answer the door and assumed if I stayed silent and unresponsive (unlike his girlfriend) then he'd go away. But no, the banging on my door grew louder and louder, then I saw a flashlight at my window. Now I was proper scared. I got out of bed and went to the window to see a bright light pointing right at me! I opened the window, my heart racing, and called down to who I presumed was my neighbour. "Hello " I called "Will you open your door please and let us in" a gruff voice answered back? "Who is it" my voice squeaked back? "The police" "I'll be right down" relieved it wasn't the Greek God Dionysus from next door. Within no time at all my door had been opened and three burly uniformed officers stood before me. "Can we come in" the youngest of the group asked? But before I could answer two of them was already in my kitchen. Wide eyed I just stared at them. "Is there anybody else here" the other asked? I went on to explain that hubs was at work and I was on my own. "We'd like to look in your garage please" the first cop said, and it didn't feel like a question. I handed the keys over telling them that there was a light switch on the left and it wasn't very tidy as we'd only been in the house for just over a month. "We can smell cannabis in the air and it seems to be coming from your garage" Goodness me they think I'm a drug dealer! "I actually thought you were from next door". I went on to explain my lively neighbours and why I didn't answer the door sooner. As one of them checked the garage the second stood in my doorway (I'm assuming so I couldn't do a runner in my fluffy slippers) and the third was outside trying to look intimidating (but failing) Now with all of us stood outside (I was pleased I'd put my dressing gown on as it was a bit nippy) and after the cop giving the garage a once over they were satisfied I was innocent. They went on to explain that a neighbours car had been found further up the road and it'd obviously been in an accident so they'd come to the address but no one was home and that's when the cannabis aroma had been noticed. The police made their apologies and left. I was a nervous wreck to say the least, you could see my hands physically shaking. I retreated back to the safety of my bedroom grabbing my phone I called hubs. After he calmed me down and I'd stopped peaking out of the window at the police concentrating on next door but one (maybe they noticed the air con unit on the roof of their garage) I settled back down to try and get some sleep (not that I got much). So, dear readers, have you ever had a visit from the police? Ps lighthearted innocent stories please, let's not get serious!


  1. I think you need to come back to your old house - no noisy sex and no cannabis xx miss you xx Happy New Year to you and Pete xx

  2. yeah i have had a visit from the police but only cause i had to call them to where i used to live cause of dodgy neighbours lol,poor you Chelle bet it was scary xx hugs xx

  3. Hey Frances, we'll have a catch up soon. It's a shame about all the things that have gone wrong since moving but apart from all that, we loving it here!
    Louise, is was scary at the time but I'm ok now.
    xx xx