Friday, 6 January 2012

What's your new year resolution?

A new year is upon us, a new beginning to right our wrongs, to make changes to our lives. We're not perfect beings are we? I'm nearly perfect (my father says) but I want to make changes too. I'm not going to call them new year resolutions though as they're always forgotten but I will pledge the following- • To not start smoking (that's not very likely as I hate the smell and wouldn't pay good money to maybe end up with COPD or any other smoking related illnesses). • To eat as healthy as possible (chocolate has milk as an ingredient which equals to a good measure of calcium, enough said). • To do more light exercise (walk to the pub more often). • Read more (and I don't just mean menus). • To not use the word diet(unless the words "fried food" or "dessert" are somehow involved)
This year I'd like to write a novel, I have the main idea so that's a start. Now the hard work starts!  But what I'd really like to do this year is make a difference to someones life. I don't know who or even how but I'm sure something will crop up. Maybe I ought to have a "problem page" where you readers email me your issues and I'd endeavour to come up with a solution or just let you vent your frustrations, a problem shared and all that!
Most of all I wish for good health (as mine isn't) for my family, friends and you, my readers! I also wish for "just enough" because that's all I need. Just enough money, luck and happiness. I'm not greedy, though I'd like plenty of love please (especially from hubs)! So I'll raise a glass to you to wish you all a happy 2012!


  1. I was only thinking the other day how I was missing your blogs! Happy New Year to you too xx

    Frances XX

  2. I've writers block unfortunately! I think it's maybe down to over consumption of chocolate!
    Chelle xx

  3. You make a difference in every person's life who you touch (not necessarily physical touch, you know what I mean). You touch my life because I love reading your interesting and positive blogs and your great sense of humor always makes me laugh. I always look forward to a blog entry. :-) ...oh, and I really, really love the chocolate picture!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, you've touched me today!
    Chelle x

  5. Helen (ex colleague)8 January 2012 at 09:36

    Oh dear! My NYR unfortunately is the 'D' word! Trying to lose at least half a stone by early June - and at least a stone by Xmas. But this time, no faddy diets or calorie counting. Just being more sensible food wise, plus more exercise. Still have chocolate etc. but just not as much and 'low fat' options where possible. Cutting out 'goodies' just makes you crave them even more = end of diet! Everything in moderation I think sums it up. Wishing you all a fab, happy, healthy New Year 2012. Love Hxx

  6. Good luck H with the D word. Why don't you try the caveman diet? Eat only food that isn't processed in any way, fresh fruit, veg, pulses & meat. Also drink plenty of water. But remember, it's about being healthy not stick thin!
    Be happy
    Love M x