Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fancy a true story?

I have a true story to tell you. My dad told me about their escapade the other day and it still makes me chuckle. This is what happened to my parents on one normal Saturday morning.  Dad (75) was taking my mum (74) to the Drs surgery for an eleven am appointment with the nurse for a flu jab. They arrived in plenty of time and dad assisted mum out of the car. Unfortunately, mum has had two mini strokes in the last ten years and she often loses her balance, so my dad holds her hand like young lovers and guides her through the entrance.  As they walked in they went over to the touch screen panel and dad booked her in. First it asks the month you're born, then the day and you finish off with the sex (meaning male or female) apparently dad looked for the "yes please" option (eewww)! The instruction "please wait in the Lindsey suite" was given. Mum and dad looked at each other slightly confused.  "Where's that Philip" mum enquired? "I'm not sure Maureen" dad answered, then pointed at a door saying,  "maybe it's through there". There was no receptionist to ask, she'd disappeared, so they just proceeded to walk through the main waiting room, where three people waited, and through the door which they were guessing was the right way to go to get to the Lindsey suite. My mum and dad walked along the corridor and through another door when mum stopped and said, "are you sure this is the right way"? "Maureen, to be honest, I'm not so sure" dad admitted.  "I think we ought to turn around and go back" So they both turned to open the second door they'd gone through, but to their horror they were locked in, it needed a security code! "Oh my god Philip, what we gonna do"? "Don't panic Maureen, don't panic"!  She wasn't! "I've got my phone on me, I can always ring someone for help" Dad  remained calm.  "Who would you ring" Mum asked? "Ermmm I don't know really, but I'll bang on the door and hope someone hears us"  So my dad starts banging and calling out, my mum is giggling at this stage.  "Philip, we might be here all night" Dad looks at her and starts banging louder calling out,  "hello, is there anybody there".  Nothing, so he calls again even louder. Then all of a sudden they hear a little voice.  "Who is it" they call? "Never mind who is it, will you just come and let us out"! I think my dad was stressed.  The voice belonged to Dr Craven who's been their doctor for more than thirty years.  The doctor opened the door to see my parents stood there looking rather ashamed.  "What're you doing in here? He asked bemused.
"We thought it was the way to the Lindsey Suite" spoke a very embarrassed dad.  "The main waiting room is where you wait, that is the Lindsey Suite" doctor said.  "Oh, sorry Doctor Craven, Maureen thought it was through here" dad answered trying to look innocent.  "I did not Philip, don't blame me. It wasn't me Doctor, honestly", mum went red in the face!  "It doesn't matter whose fault it is, you're out now so go and wait in the waiting room for your appointment". Mum and Dad sauntered off in the direction of the main waiting room. They took their seats as everyone stared but instead of just sitting there taking the shame, mum piped up saying,  "We just got ourselves locked in an office" then went on to tell them all the whole story! Dad, well he hung his head in shame. 


  1. You brought me my first grin of the day! I loved the story.

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story, and it was all true! Chelle x