Sunday, 16 February 2014

How do you mend a broken heart?

How do you mend a broken heart? Well  I'm in a good position to answer that having had my own heart broken more times than I deserve. But the good news is I survived each one and I'm very sensitive, sentimental,  and emotional so if I can then you can survive this too.
Ok so here goes, get yourself a drink, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and keep sipping as you read and get yourself comfy under a blanket/duvet if you feel a bit cold. Take a headache tablet (all this heartbreak does literally hurt).
Done that, then I'll begin. If you haven't done it then stop reading and do it now, that's an order! Good, thank you!

ITS NOT YOU, IT IS THEM! - it isn't you, honestly, they just don't "get you", they don't understand or appreciate you enough. You can't and shouldn't change. If two people don't "fit" together it can't be forced. Maybe you didn't see it, maybe it was a niggle you had but didn't want to admit it. Do not blame yourself. If they say it is them then they're probably right! (Keep sipping your drink).

YOU WILL GET OVER THIS - how you are feeling right now will pass, you will smile, laugh and be happy again! For the time being though, don't look into the future. Initially, worry about NOW! Not tomorrow or next week but right this minute. (Sip)

DO WHAT YOU WANT - within reason of course. Eat ice-cream,cry, scream, punch your pillow, go for a run (that wouldn't be my choice), take a nap (my choice), or watch a movie, (funny not sad).

I know you want to, but don't do it. What would you say anyway? And if they don't say what you'd hope they'd say then you'll feel so much worse afterwards. Don't drown your sorrows with a bottle of wine or anything remotely alcoholic or you may end up calling them and saying things that you'd regret, hence the hot drink you should have in your hand (Keep sipping)!

TALK TO FAMILY/FRIENDS - they'll want to listen. Your best friend will be your rock, (your ex wasn't your best friend, maybe you thought they were but sorry my darling, they weren't) tell them how you feel, sob into their shoulder. If they're not nearby give them a call or Skype them. (Lift drink to mouth, sip and swallow)

I strongly believe things happen for a reason and that you're on a path. To reach your destination life won't be easy but you'll get there. I've been with my husband for thirteen years this year and to have been in that right place at the right time I had to endure a lot of heartache. (As did my husband) If I hadn't been dumped, if I hadn't took that job, there are so many instances that put me in that place at that time (and to think I was so angry that my taxi was an hour late).
If only I'd known, if only I'd have faith and believed in fate.
When I think back to all the times I had my heart broken it makes me sad. It's not because I still hold any feelings for my exes but I remember the hurt I felt. The feelings of despair, loneliness, rejection and grief are unbearable but I can assure you that one day you will be ok. Hold on to that thought and one day you'll be answering the question when someone asks you, How do you mend a broken heart?

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  1. After over 14 years together he had an affair, I found out in such an awful way, so, who'd of thought it when I wrote this for my friends daughter, that my "hubs" would break my heart and that I'd be taking my own advice.
    How ironic.