Saturday, 26 May 2012

Do you prefer tea of coffee?

Do you prefer tea or coffee? I need to know as its very important. When you come round for elevenses I would like to serve you what you like the best. So before you come I'll go to the supermarket and get your favourites. 
What about a nice cup of tea? Yes? Would you like English tea or Assam (my favourite), Earl grey, darjeeling, green tea, mint tea, jasmine tea, camomile tea or a fruity infusion? You want English tea, good decision! Tea bags or loose tea?  Tea bags, ok! That's good and less faffing about.  Which brand? Yorkshire tea, Tetley tea, PG Tips, Twinings or Typhoo?   You'd like Twinings, ok, though they aren't the cheapest but never mind it's a special occasion.  Would you like milk with your tea? Yes? Full fat, semi-skimmed or skimmed? So you'd prefer semi-skimmed. 
What, you've changed your mind! Ok ok I'm not stressed at all! Coffee it is then! I could do you instant, filtered or I have a Dolce Gusto coffee maker, what's your choice? Instant? Well that surprised me, I thought you'd like a Dolce Gusto latte or cappuccino!  Did you know instant coffee was invented in 1901 by Satori Kato who was a Japanese scientist in Chicago. (Remember that fact and impress your friends with your knowledge, over coffee of course) NescafĂ©? Good choice, but which one?  Original, Gold blend, Black gold blend, Blend 37, Alta Rica, Cap Columbie, Suraya or Azera? Gold Blend? Ok got it!  Milk, cream or Coffee Mate? (I'm beginning to regret inviting you now)! You don't mind, milk it is then (I'll save the Coffee Mate for me)! Sugar? Yes? White sugar, brown sugar or a sweetner? Brown sugar? Oh you're posh! One lump or two?
Cake or a biscuit? A biscuit, which sort do you like? A digestive, Rich tea, custard cream, jammie Dodger, ginger biscuit, Oreo, shortcake or a chocolate chip cookie? What? You can't make your mind up? I think I have a better idea! Shall we go to Starbucks? Yes? Great! So dear readers do you prefer tea or coffee?


  1. Love it! Costa for me please.

    You forgot to ask if I wanted the milk in the tea first or after ;)

    Frances xx

  2. Helen (ex colleague)26 May 2012 at 12:14

    A lovely frothy cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles on top and either a chocolate or toffee muffin (or BOTH!!) Lol xx

  3. Mmmm...I'll take Chamomile tea with two Splendas, please! :-)

  4. cappuccino and chocolate biscuits! :P i can also never make up my mind :)