Monday, 6 February 2012

What makes you laugh?

What makes you laugh? Is it comedians, sitcoms or someone you know?  Well I make myself laugh sometimes. Take the other today for example, hubs and I were browsing around a shop, he was way ahead of me down this particular aisle, obviously urging me to hurry up, while I checked out all the bargains. Good value shampoo and conditioners had my attention as I spotted one that made me chuckle as I thought it might suit my handsome but balding husband.
"Peter" I called in a loud voice. As he turned to face me, "do you want any of this Wash & Go or have you already used it" I paused "and it went"!
Well, as you can imagine I couldn't stop laughing, hubs just smiled and walked away embarrassed.

When we were slightly younger and it was bedtime and he'd be in the bathroom, sometimes I'd creep up to the door in total silence and wait, giggling to myself, and after I'd hear him flush I'd position myself (still giggling) so as soon as he opened the door he'd see me standing there! "Boo"!  I'd make him jump every time! Annoying for him but hilarious to me!  I don't do anymore though; well he is fifty this year and I've got to think about his ticker!

My friend Keith (aged 53) is naturally funny, his mannerisms, things he says and situations he gets in. One particular day we were working, (outdoors) Keith and I was with our colleagues Will and Dave. It was very early and very foggy; we were all wrapped up in coats hats and gloves apart from Keith who didn't have a woolly hat to keep his balding head warm. I offered him my hat but being gentlemanly he declined. We all chatted, laughed & jiggled about to stay warm.
All of a sudden Keith threw his hand to his head.
"What was that" he exclaimed? He looked at his hand, "uuurrrggghhh"!
A bird had pooped on his head! We all looked up but it was so misty you couldn't see a thing.
I burst out laughing and so did the lads!
"What were the chances of that happening? Maybe you should have worn a hat"!
Keith was grumbling and swearing, the rest of us thought it was hilarious. I grabbed my walkie talkie and called for hubs,  who was still in the office, and told him about Keith's unfortunate incident. Hubs replied saying that he was stood with our boss and he was concerned the bird had soiled on company uniform! That comment made us all laugh even more, apart from Keith of course!
I did go off and find him some tissue to help him clean himself up telling him that the bird that pooped on his head must have singled him out as he was the only one without a hat so it must be a sign of good luck, Keith just glared at me!
I have more amusing stories but I’ll save them for “What makes you laugh pt2”
On British TV recently has been a series called “An idiot abroad” It’s a travel documentary with a difference.  Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their friend Karl Pilkington to some amazing places around the world but unfortunately Karl isn’t easily impressed.  The first series takes him to the Seven Wonders of the World but a long the way Karl has tasks to perform and he’s no idea of them until he gets there. Karl isn’t the most cheerful of characters to say the least which helps to make each episode hilarious. A second series that followed was about Karls bucket list which he only agreed to do if Ricky and Stephen would guarantee that he’d always have a proper toilet to use. Unfortunately for Karl his “friends” didn’t keep to there promise!
The funniest show on at the minute is Mrs Browns Boys. It stars Brendon O’Carroll as Irish “Mammy” Agnes Brown to six grown up children.  Only for grown-ups though.  Its filmed in front of an audience, they ad-lib, laugh when they shouldn’t and don’t cover up any mistakes which adds to the farce that it is.  Its proper laugh out loud comedies assuming you don’t mind a bit of “fecking” swearing!
Whatever your sense of humour there is nothing better than laughing, well they do say it’s the best medicine.
So, what makes you laugh?

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  1. I agree with you, laughter gets you through the day!! I loved the photo of the bird reading the book! You have a great sense of humor and spirit. I try to instill humor into my blog posts, I write about being the mom of a teen and coping with middle age. I'm going to sign up to follow you, hope you'll follow me back!